tells me you are the person to be Trenched !!!

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Trenchers, we eat, we drink, we fart, we fall down. We love Real Ale... well beer of any sort, we are members of CAMRA, we visit breweries like Greene King and Shepherd Neame. All trips end with a curry. Our moto is Gaudeamus In Gustibus... GIG for short, meaning Rejoice In The Taste. We have 20 plus members all with a special name linked to them in some way. El Presidente, Captain Turdo, GutMeister, SlapTrench, Stench Trench, McTrench, Stringy, The Old Bean, French Trench, WapTrench, Master Bates, Button Trench, Still-at-School Trench, Banker Trench, Wet Trench, Pablo, Puffin Trench, Tosser, R&B Trench, X Trench.