The Trencherman's Anthem

(to the music of Men of Harlech)


Trenchers stand and raise your glasses

Buy your rounds let’s have no passes

‘Till we’re all upon our arses

Landlord pull your pump


Dear old Mike’s ‘Il Presidente

Well turned out ne-ver unkempt, he

Makes damn sure his glass ‘aint empty

Or he gets the hump


G – I – G’ s our motto (motto)

Shout it when you’re blotto (blotto)

Wet your lip

And feed the whip

Your not allowed to leave until you’re potto (potto)


All for one and one for all we

Never refuse the Trenchers call we

Don’t care if your mushroom’s small

We quaff until we fall


So good Trenchers sing out loudly

Wear your button mushroom proudly

Never drink a pint that’s cloudy

Or you’ll get the runs


So as we approach the finish

Let your voices not diminish

Be you fat or be you thinish

Britain’s finest sons


(International verses)

So prepare to spit your dentures

Be you Krauts or be you Frenchers

Look out chaps here come the Trenchers

And we’re here all day


Keep your frogs and stick your sna-ils

We are here to quaff your ales

By the jug or by the pails

So boys clear the way


We’re forever Trenching (Trenching)

Quaffing, scoffing wenching (wenching)

Freely flowing, boldly going

Gorging ‘till our buttocks we are clenching (clenching)


Men of garlic

Hide your women

Or their privet’s we’ll be trimmin’

Trenching ‘till the day be dimming

Then we’re going home